Recharging at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Crossing the Equator

On our way to Queen Elizabeth National Park, we crossed the equator which is always fun to stand in both the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time.  I’ve done this once before in Ecuador so very cool to do again on a different continent.  Thanks to Bruce for tracking our location on his altimeter.  There were also many baboons alongside the road at the equator.

Evening game drive at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Upon arriving at Queen Elizabeth National Park, we did an evening game drive and came upon a couple lionesses hunting warthog.  We waited a little while to see any action but the lionesses eventually lost interest and gave up.  We saw some other wildlife like the Cape Buffalo and plenty of Ugandan Kob.  After such a long day of activities and driving, I was ready to head to the lodge, shower, and have dinner.

What a View…

Upon arrival at the Katara Lodge, we were greeted with a spectacular view of the savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park.  The lodge was up on a hill overlooking the savannah below… absolutely gorgeous!

The Katara Lodge Experience

This was my favorite lodge we stayed in during my time in Uganda.  Below are pictures of the main lodge with the restaurant, sitting area, and bar and a beautiful view of the savannah.

R&R at the Lodge

After an activity intense week, I decided to stay back from the group to enjoy the lodge and relax for some “me” time.  When you go on an organized tour, you know you’re at the mercy of the tour itinerary but if you need some “alone” time, you just have to be ok missing out on the day’s activities.  I decided to miss the morning game drive and afternoon water safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park but thoroughly enjoyed my day relaxing.  You can only do this when you stay at a lodge more than one night.  I was joined by a gecko climbing the tent canvas of our room.  Below are pictures of our two bedroom lodge with outside pavilion with hammock… and what a view!

Botanical Garden

On my R&R day, I did take the opportunity to explore the grounds and appreciate the many kinds of flowers and plants of the lodge.  Many to appreciate…

In Summary…

From crossing the equator to an evening game drive followed by a much needed day of R&R for me, these past two days were eventful and a nice pause to the trip before heading to gorilla country.  Taking the time to slow down and appreciate the view of Queen Elizabeth National Park savannah was well worth the time.  Queen Elizabeth National Park is definitely a must see when coming to Uganda and has wildlife galore from elephants, lions, hippos, cape buffalos and herds of antelope species.

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